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About Us.

In 1993, José Calazans Alves began his dream of entrepreneurship and innovation in a job market that wasn't well known in Brazil, but with great potential. Criem Criações was then born, a pioneering company in the construction of cases for transporting equipment, among other technological solution services in the electrical sector.

In 2001, Criem Imports was created, bringing high quality products and technology to the national market in a more accessible way.

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Criem Criações

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Access control

We design and manufacture special packaging “Cases” to protect measuring and precision instruments, professional audio, tools, among others, being a safe alternative against impacts and falls, protecting your equipment against the worst transport conditions. 

Criem develops and integrates access control solutions for people and vehicles according to the specific needs of each client. We cover all stages of the access security development and implementation project. Additionally, we provide maintenance services with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Conectores de alta qualidade construídos com tecnologia multilâmina de cores e preços variados para atender as suas necessidades.




Cabos montados personalizados de acordo com o pedido do cliente.



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The PS series of sealed lead-acid batteries (often referred to as VRLA) have been specifically designed for general purpose and standby applications. Every Power Sonic battery model is subject to strict quality control throughout its manufacturing process, ensuring both consistency and reliability.

As cordoalhas de cobre são componentes fundamentais em sistemas elétricos. Com excelente condutividade elétrica e resistência à corrosão, nossas cordoalhas garantem uma distribuição eficiente de energia, sendo ideais para aplicações industriais e residenciais. Escolha a qualidade das nossas cordoalhas de cobre para assegurar um desempenho elétrico confiável e duradouro.

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